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Research, Production and Sales of Medical Equipment

Ravan Sazeh Co after years of continued and successful activity in commercial and industrial fields, backed by company’s capabilities and facilities as well as scientific and experimental records of the founders and senior managers in medical and laboratorial fields, became activated in research, production and sales of medical and laboratorial equipment since 2009 in a 1000 m2 building in Pardis Tech Park.
To improve the efforts and increasing the speed of progress, at first the focus was on research and application of advanced technologies in fertilization, embryology and genetics.

Today, after endless efforts of our colleagues in R&D and production department, we have succeeded in producing the first Co2 incubator in Iran, which now and in the commercialization stage, is welcomed by research, academic and medical centers. Also we have produced more than 30 different products for Assisted Reproductive Technologies which are very high in terms of quality competitiveness in compare with similar foreign products.

Building & Civil Engineering

Credit and many years of valuable experiences in the implementation of construction, civil and medical projects, have enabled us to provide consulting services, contract management, calculating and design in below fields:

Steel and concrete structures in industrial, hospital, business and residential buildings
Mapping, excavation, embankment
Road construction, landscaping and asphalt
Equipping the ingot workshop
Leveling and preparation

To cover the expectations and needs of our customers, supply skilled ,efficient ,active and expert human resources is in our agenda and with appropriate technologies, has created a developed database and for every customer we have developed special services which can be useful in the professional field and partnerships.

Achieving quality management certification in the field of human resources proves our statements.

Industry & Energy

Ravan Sazeh Co in more than 2 decades of its activities, has been among the most capable and most respected industrial companies operating in the country and excellence in providing services in various fields. As well as having extensive facilities and efficient forces has provided effective support services for its customers.
We, as representative of several international companies and an extensive history of collaboration with many of internal companies and the development of its corporate network; meet the needs of our customers.
Overall heading some of our services:
Construction and installation of mechanical equipment for hydro and thermal power plants
Construction and installation of equipment for the oil, gas and petrochemical
Operation of pipelines transporting oil, gas, water and sewage
Participation in construction of dam projects
Sandblasting and Painting
Manufacturing, installation and equipment
Construction, commissioning and operation of gas stations
Supply of goods, parts and equipment needed for industrial projects
Repair and maintenance of various industries

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